7.5 ENOB, 1.0 GS/s, 73 mW Pipeline ADC in 65nm CMOS,” manuscript to be submitted. During my research I have also been involved in projects generating the following papers, which are either beyond the scope of the thesis or overlapping in content with the included papers: • Timmy Sundström and Atila Alvandpour,
Analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) are essential building blocks in many electronic systems which require digital signal processing and storage of analog signals. Traditionally, ADCs are considered a power hungry circuit. This thesis investigates ADC design techniques to achieve high-performance with low power
In such systems, a single reconfigurable analog-to-digital converter (ADC) is needed to digitize a wide range of signals with varying bandwidth and resolution requirements. This thesis describes the design of an ADC whose power scales exponentially with resolution and linearly with frequency to maximize the system
This thesis explores a pipelined ADC design that employs a variety of low- power techniques such as dynamic residue amplification and incomplete settling in a unique way to maximize the speed while maintaining low energy (98 fJ/conv-step). The resulting work advances the state-of-the-art by simultaneously achieving a
The transceiver chip provides a high bandwidth signal path and precision clocks, despite the large parasitic capacitances and transistor matching errors of CMOS technology. Small, high bandwidth sample-and-hold amplifiers are used in the ADC, and the resulting large mismatch errors are corrected by small DACs in each
parts, in the ADC will be presented and analysed. 4.1 Overall structure. Form the thesis statement in chapter 1, the objective is given, to design a 10-bit 40 Msam- ple/s pipelined ADC. The basic structure of the pipelined ADC is described in chapter. 3.2.2. The pipelined structure gives room for many design variations.
ADC Ultra-Low Power for Micro-Sensors. Ricardo Miguel Farinha Alves. Thesis to obtain the Master of Science Degree in. Electronics Engineering. Examination Committee. Chairperson: Professor Jorge Manuel Torres Pereira. Supervisor: Professor Carlos Mexia de Almeida de Azeredo Leme. Co-Supervisor: Professor
01.01.2012 -
Low-Power High-Resolution Delta-Sigma ADC Design Techniques by. Tao Wang. A THESIS submitted to. Oregon State University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of. Doctor of Philosophy. Presented May 29, 2012. Commencement June 2012
13.12.2013 -

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