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In response to this data, the seemingly logical conclusion is that stimulant abuse at UCSB is inevitable because students have a huge workload, and Adderall can help them work faster to ensure all their work gets done. However, what is most curious about this assumption is that research conducted at UCSB suggests that
Knecht 1Jenny Knecht Mr. Ibarro Health 1050, 11:30am February 1st, 2016 Research Paper Adderall Research Paper.
keep up with the work load. On one hand, the problem with “brain boost Adderall” is, only a few college students will actually take time to read the warning signs on it. Not only is it due to the fact that students do not only buy or receive the drug from their friends by hand or in a bag, most do not care to research on it.
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work on justifications and rationalities as a starting point, these arguments were clustered around four dominant arguments.6. Results. Before conducting our interviews, DeSantis et al.'s (2008) survey research supplied us with statistical data of how prevalent was the illegal stimulant use on this campus. As previously.
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