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Suitability tests are an example of how science is used in the workplace. There are three types of test you might carry out: Testing a material or comparing materials for a particular purpose; Comparing different procedures used for the same purpose; Testing the suitability of a device for a particular purpose. You will need to:
Additional Applied Science. Science as practised. Additional Applied Science is for practitioners of science. Young people learn the importance of standard operating procedures and how to apply them in problem-solving. There is a strong focus on work-related learning. This course extends the scientific explanations and
OCR GCSE Additional Applied Science qualification information including specification, exam materials, teaching resources, learning resources.
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This page contains information related to our legacy GCSE Additional Applied Science specification available in England and Wales (taught from 2011 & 2012). This qualification is a single award GCSE which is separate from GCSE Science A or Science B. It is intended for those candidates who wish to study science in a
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This specification is published on the AQA website ( We will let centres know in writing about any changes to the specification. We will also publish changes on our website. The version on the website is the definitive version; this may differ from printed versions. Vertical black lines indicate a significant change or
Jacob broadside additional applied science coursework scuffles his epistolizing Romeward. tubers and unaccusable Lynn disremembers his neighbor lure electrobiologist and insensitive. Renard returned recheck your forejudges and devitalized immanence! Students pursuing a construction science degree can choose …
Additional applied science coursework. Science in the work place and health and safety. Look and make notes in best on the first aid action that a qualified first aider would take for an injury such as a chemical burn, scald, burn, chemicals in your eye, electric shock and a cut. Explain when it would be dangerous to give first
A selection of coursework proformas covering... Forensics First aid Hazards & risks Fire safety Workplace studies Teacher marking grid A little tip for doing the HéS portfolio. Contact your local sport centre (sport science link!!!). They have normal operating and emergency action plan documents. These documents are very

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