additive resynthesis vst

KVR Forum Topic: 'Best additive VST' - What would you consider to be the best additive synthesis VST? And what makes it stand out above the crowd?I ju.
22.04.2017 -
UVI ENERGY - 32-Oscillator additive future synth delivers the rare and complex sounds of the Digital Keyboards Synergy used in the original TRON. Now available as a stand-alone instrument!
16.06.2017 -
13.05.2013 -
RAZOR ist ein additiver Synthesizer mit unvergleichlichen Klangeigenschaften. Er besticht durch einen unverwechselbar dynamischen und präzisen Sound – prädestiniert für dichte Bässe, mitreißende Lead-Sounds und lebendige Sci-Fi- und Filmmusik-Soundscapes. RAZOR wurde von dem Berliner Produzenten
ADHDidi is an additive synthesizer comprising of 16 sine waves tuned to different frequencies (fundamental plus the first 15 harmonics). Please support freeware development : Donate to Saltline · Win 32 VST. (4.3 Mb). V 1.0.1
Loom is an award-winning modular additive synthesizer with a shape-shifting Morph Pad that makes it easy to create rich, swirling, and captivating sounds. Loom takes a unique modular approach to additive synthesis, a synthesis technique that involves combining simple waveforms together to create complex sounds, by Oidos. Oidos is a software synthesizer, based on additive synthesis, for making music for very small executables, such as 4 and 8 kilobyte intros. You can follow the devopment on GitHub. For discussion, visit the Pouet forum. Using the synth. The synth has two parts: a VST instrument, Oidos, and an
VST. With an all-analog audio path, and rock-solid digital harmonic oscillators, the RMI Harmonic Synthesizer was the world's first digital synthesizer. Produced in very limited quantities for a very short period in the mid-1970s, at long last here is your opportunity to own a loving recreation of this beautiful, and exceptionally

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